i know that National Boss’ Day
is a greeting card company
boondoggle, and that on many
previously declared boss’ days
you have stopped a moment
and tokenly honored me. On
all other regular working days
you are respectful and sincere.

And in consideration i have
Tolerated your quirks, and
Advanced you money. i have
listened to your gripes, worked
around your absences, and
covered your mistakes.
i think you are a good staff,
and i am proud of you.

i don’t care about being noticed,
or even symbolically honored
on National Boss’ Day.
i don’t want to be. i think it’s
foolish. It’s stupid. There was
no reason to make an effort or
waste your money.
So you didn’t,
and here today, on payday,
i still remember.

Worker's Compensation
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tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...
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