West Texas Turbulence

God, i hate this weather.
The day after i had cussed
the heat, wind, sand storm,
tornado, hurricane, thunder,
lightening, fog, rain, monsoon,
hail, cold, sleet, and snow,
and i had written the
whole climate off as The
Deity’s daily joke, i get a
morning like this one.
Still as a mouse with a tiny
breezy tail flick. Temperature,
chamber of commerce perfect.
Golden shafts of mist piercing
sunlight fall from the east
chasing long tree shadows
across the parking lot.
Cotton stuffing cloud strips
string across a deep blue sky,
as the half moon directly over
head tries to fight off the day.
i am part of nature. i am
at peace. All is good.
The world is in harmony.
Love is everywhere.
God, “i hate this weather.”
Today i have to apologize
for talking ugly about it, and
tomorrow i know, good and well,
it won’t be worth a crap again.
These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...