Drawn to the aroma of sweet nectar
beckoning from the bell
of a blood red trumpet vine blossom,
two ruby throated, emerald green
avian Apache helicopters hover warily at a petal portal
planning inevitable pre-culinary combat.

Desire - anger - aggression-
violence - fear - retreat - then
with all others subdued or bluffed,
victor’s lust for self-indulgence
is smugly satisfied.

Natural traits
of the animal kingdom.
Don’t deny them.
Don’t apply them.

With a whir and a flit and a ”love you,”
rise above them.  Admire the grace
of the single hummingbird spectacle.
Find another of God’s creatures
to exemplify proper social interaction.
Survival of the Flittest
These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...