Several Silent Sorrys

The announcement of your death surprised me.
Poor guy said it like he was reading the news and
my startled cry look confused him.
He had not even used your real name. Just
Kenny Shaver’s wife’s funeral was last Saturday.

Back in 1969 in an instant time travel blur.
To the crystal clear image of a skinny little girl
with ear short poofy blond hair who really loved me.
I can still see your eyes the last time I walked away.

Back to me, a soon to be ex-teenager,
who offered love and then jerked it away
like teasing a kitten with a feather pull toy.

Back to a monumental fork in my life’s road.
The one path chosen and thirty years traveled.
The other shrouded in the impenetrable mist
of what might have been.

These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...