I guess we should get something straight right now. I didn't write any of this poetry. I received
    it. It comes from out there, into my head and out through my fingers. Once one gets started I
    can embellish it and modify it, but the basis for every single one is a gift from the universe. I've
    been picking up and recording signals for about 30 years. I seem to have changed channels a
    couple of times as life experiences come and go. So you may find exactly opposite views in two
    separate poems written years apart. But fear not. This will never be mistaken for a biblical text.

    I write several different kinds of poetry. There's some bathroom mirror verse. Tape it on the
    side. Read it everyday kind of motivation. There's effect of the opposite sex stuff. I would like to
    say those are like Rumi or Hafiz  ... where you don't know if they are talking about God or girls
    or both. But the majority of my work is just observations of daily life. I hope that you will read
    one and give that little soft exhaust cough and a "hum" that comes with an idea. Then you say
    either: "I never thought about it like that." Or "That's exactly what I think." Then you smile a
    little, think about someone you'd like to read that one to, and you go on to the next one. So
    you see the purpose and goal of my poetry is pretty simple, and that ought to make it safe to
    go on and read ...


    Jim Wilson
Poet's Note
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These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...