I am practicing write and release.
Lifting lines on the rising heat
of winter’s curling chimney smoke.
Laying words out an upstairs window
On a springtime zephyr.

Lofting themes tacked as summer kite tails
flying to high cotton cloud pillows while
the slick string slips through my fingers.
Linking fall writings to milkweed seeds,
Lint puffs, and down feathers.

I will float them to you all,
whomever, whenever, wherever
and you open them in your time
to read and recite
till their season is done.

Never knowing me.
Never knowing that I am watching you
from the crack in the closet door universal.
Feeling pleased and planning to float
verse after verse to you - as our seasons change.
Poetry Floats
These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...
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