These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...
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    This book is dedicated to all sensitive people, who tempered by compassion and common sense,
    are willing to express their feelings truthfully and honestly.

    My work as a poet is to take reality, mix it with imagination, stir vigorously and create my
    rhythmic interpretations as truly and boldly as I can.

    If you come to one of my readings I will tell you that I am a graduate of the Winnie the Pooh
    school of poetry. Pooh only had two rules for writing poetry: (1) Go where the Poetry and Hums
    can find you and (2) when they come let them come and that includes words like shillings. So I
    have. Sort of.

    Making an exorbitant living for my family to have the financial wherewithal to eat, live, and be
    entertained and educated at a level that has agreed with them has cut down significantly in my
    going in search of Poetry and Hum sites.

    Sometimes, when words have wanted to come in that would have been much more questionable
    to Piglet than shillings, I have slammed the door and proceeded to seek alternative reputation
    and persona saving linguistics. Violating a Pooh rule and messing up some good poems.

    But I am getting better. I now have three books of poetry exposed. Two hundred forty plus
    poems trying to tell the truth as I see it. Varnished slightly.

    I hope you will buy the book. I hope you will read it. I hope you will talk to me about it.    
    Email me at

    Talk to you later. Enjoy!

        Copyright  -- Jim Wilson 2004
Taking a Peek ...
poetry cracking the door but afraid to open it