Obviously an Elementary Conclusion

I’ll bet there was 25 years difference in their ages
but they still sat on the same side of the café booth.
Teasing and poking each other, they were oblivious
of the rest of us. Giggles and coos floated on the air.

She was a gorgeous petite thing. Shoulder blond curls
bounced as she sat out on the edge of the seat
paying attention to his every word. She dropped a little red
shoulder strapped vinyl purse on the table. Gold chains
rattled against the napkin holder. Purse was just big enough
to hold her essentials. Matching red dress was form fitting
and she had good form. I knew she didn’t buy that dress herself.
Dropping her shoes to the floor, she started to rub one foot
on his pant’s leg. He feigned annoyance and grabbed a toe.

He was a rough looking, tanned, burly oilfield type of a guy.
Soup bowl cut, brown hair with bangs and eyebrows overlapping,
Light blue oxford shirt, collar buttoned down but shirt tail out,
Real blue jeans and rough out, roughed up Wellington boots.
He went back for the food trays with a natural gait
that let him scratch the sides of his knees without leaning over.

Sliding her tray across the table he slipped into the booth
and bumped her up against the far wall. She giggled and said,
“Thanks Daddy. Now, quit being silly. I have to be at school
by eight. Second grade is hard. It’s not what you imagine.”

These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...
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