Oh Vain Dragonfly

    Talented dragonfly, clinging to vertical rock faces
    and flying backwards with magnificent ease?
    Do you know I’m here? I see you. I think
    you are there. Is my consciousness of more value
    than your flying backwards and clinging to rocks?
    Do you fly away randomly, or do you consciously
    perceive me as a threat even though you are wrong?

    I so wish that I could interview you. How old are you?
    What is your name? Are you Larry Dragonfly?
    Are you happy?
    I have hundreds of simple questions……..
    Answer me, please.
    Who eats you? Who do you eat? Is that ok with you?
    I take for granted that you are not conscious, or at least not
    as conscious as me. Are there degrees? Is the only expression
    of my consciousness that I can think of these questions?
    What plug-in could I download to receive your answers?
    Did we just have our interview and I’m the one
    without perception?

    Do you have superior conscious awareness, and am I the one
    clinging to a vertical rock face? Are you confused
    by my responses that don’t make any sense? Do you fly away
    out of frustration rather than fear? Is your ego involved?
    Such vanity O dragonfly to think you are the only species
    with conscious communication ability.

These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...