These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...
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    These verses are dedicated to every person over 40 years old who woke up one morning,
    admitted they were not living the life they really thought they should and, without hurting
    anybody else, did something about it. You are my heroes.

    I have spent my entire life searching for who I am. These poems are tracks marking the happy
    meandering path of ongoing discovery. Born in 1950, I grew up on a farm-ranch in Lobo Valley
    thirteen miles south of Van Horn in far West Texas. This is nowhere close to Ft. Worth.

    I went to college and graduated from the veterinary school at Texas A& M University in 1973
    about the same year I started writing or at least keeping my poems. I have been a practicing
    veterinarian and a “promising” poet for each of those many years.

    Most of the poetry that I receive is about the relationship of man/woman, nature, and the
    Universal Intelligence that shows us how to operate our world. I try to write poems that are little
    verbal clips of life’s everyday events. I want to write positively and yet realistically.

    I want you to be able to take this book and open it anywhere and find a verse that is
    understandable and thought provoking. If that is the case then I have done everything I set out
    to do. At no point is it necessary for you to agree with me. Stimulating your thought is positively
    heaven for me.

Distillations of a Life Just Lived
... poetry in all directions