Outside the tempest storms-
West Texas thunder, lightning
wind and rain and pea size hail
and golf ball size hail and softball
size hail and TV touted tornado.

After a feeing of forever - angry
attack of the elements is repelled.
Sprinkling straggler raindrops
pepper peeled ragged roof remains.
Final rolling thunder-guns
fire in the distance.

Is it over for the night? Tune in to
KTAB-32.  Randy will tell you
after a word from our sponsor-
if you still have electricity
if you still have a house
if you’re still alive.

Now truly!  Our favoring God choice
has again regained control.
Preserving our and His
little pseudo-religious community
save a sacrificial bit of sinful materialism.
Praise the grace of Jesus.
Crawling Out from Under Partly Cloudy
These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...