These poems are
tracks marking the
happy meandering path
of ongoing discovery ...
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    These verses are dedicated to my family: Phyllis, Dan, Jeff, Tim, Dee, Margaret, Jane, Rick, Kerry,
    Lori, Kyle, Katy, Kallie, Irene, Ray, Grady, Bessie, Bess, Red, L.G., Elaine, Stan, Deaun, Delbert,
    L.C., Mildred, Carter, Cynthia, Ken, Jeannie, Jack, Ileta, Nancy, Frank, Mary Jean, Ladell, C.W.,
    Connie, Gary, Carolyn, Gladys, Dr. Carter, Ray, Edith, Kenneth, Jim, Ruby, Randy, Jan, Frank,
    Larissa, Ashley, Wilfred, Jerry, Junior, Trixie, Baby, Buttermilk, Christmas, Sam, Munch, and
    others I don’t mean to forget. You all are a little bit responsible for these verses. See how
    your examples can come back to haunt you.

    My personal goal for this book is to express myself with absolute authenticity. I wanted to see
    and record my world, my relationships, and myself absolutely authentically. Frankly, I didn’t get
    completely there with this book, but I’m getting closer. I hope you will see in these a simple
    reality of life that will show me as a kindred spirit or at least a truthful observer of the common
    lives that we all lead.

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    Copyright -- Jim Wilson 2003

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